Protect Yourself Prior to Closing

Do you realize that when you buy real estate that you are charged with knowledge of the chain of title prior to the conveyance to you?

This means that you are charged with what is publicly filed in the deed records even if you do not see the documents prior to the closing.

How many times have you purchased real property and not seen the prior conveyance documents that exist prior in time to your purchase?

This is important and will give you a lot of information about your property and the surrounding property.

You may find deed restrictions that could affect your ability to use or modify your home.

Before purchasing find out who owns the adjoining fence? Can you tear it down and put a new one up?

Can you install a 2 story deck that will look over the neighborhood?

Can you lease out your property?

Can you build a 2d story rental on top of your garage?

Are you subject to HOA dues?

Can you expand a 2 car garage into a 3 car garage and build a rental on the top of it and lease it out?

Next time you purchase a home ask for a copy of the title run showing the list of conveyances and ask for documents in the chain.