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Does Texas Have a 2 Year Adverse Possession Process?

Did I really say that? Yes, I did. Whether you believe this or not it is happening in Texas. A string of court of appeals cases going back to 2006 are holding that property owners cannot oust a trespasser who has caused permanent improvements on land… Read More
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I Bought Property At or After Foreclosure and the Occupants Won’t Leave – How do I get them out?

When you are acting as a landlord and the tenant does not pay then Texas allows for a quick process to remove a tenant from real property. A three day- notice is provided and a complaint is filed with the Justice Court. If you hire an attorney, they… Read More
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The Innocent Purchaser Doctrine

Case Law 10: Innocent Purchaser Doctrine Read More
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Boundary Disputes, Encroachments and Improvements

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Confusing the 2 year statute of limitations for “Permanent Injury” That is in Conflict With the Adverse Possession Statutes

Here is an interview regarding trespass and the loss of property as a result of litigants applying the two year statute of limitations in real estate transactions involving adverse possession instead of the three, five, ten or twenty-five year statut… Read More
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Title Insurance in A Real Estate Transaction

Here is an interview regarding title insurance in a real estate transaction. Read More
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KLIF 570 Interview: The Importance of Legal Representation in Real Estate Transactions

Here is an interview about the importance of of having legal representation in a real estate closing. You would be surprised how some people will draft their own real estate contracts without including the property description. Read More
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KLIF 570 Interview: Why Real Estate Contracts are Important

Here is an interview on September 20, 2016, about case law showing the importance of a real estate contract. Read More
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KLIF 570 Interview: Home Equity Violations

Here are some interesting home equity violation cases that I talked about at KLIF 570 on May 24, 2016. This interview was right after the law changed in May 2016 and the Texas Supreme Court held there is no longer a four year statute of limitations i… Read More
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KLIF 570 Interview: Boundaries and Surveys

Be careful if you do not place your fence line on the property boundary line. I spoke on this subject on KLIF 570 on August 29, 2016. Read More
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